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The unique perks of Short-Haul Trucking: balancing work and life

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Short-haul drivers share many motivations with their over-the-road (OTR) counterparts: the open road, rising costs, and safety concerns. However, the world of short-haul trucking offers some distinct advantages.

Familiar territory

Short-haul drivers tend to call urban areas home rather than rural ones. This urban backdrop comes with perks: local knowledge, access to multiple job sites, and an intimate understanding of local routes. They become experts on nearby roads, translating to less stress and more comfort. The ability to return home each day also means savings on food and lodging costs as they can enjoy meals and rest in the comfort of their homes.

More autonomy

Short-haul drivers covering a 100-to-150-mile radius enjoy exemption from hours of service (HOS) requirements. This means they don’t need to worry about electronic logging devices (ELDs) or tracking HOS compliance. This added flexibility translates to saved time and money.

Work-Life Balance

Proximity to home allows for attachments like family or part-time work. These attachments often draw drivers to short-haul careers as they offer a superior work-life balance compared to life on the long road. The focus here is on the quality of life rather than just the paycheck. Short-haul drivers can treat trucking as a job rather than a lifestyle, enabling them to pursue other interests such as family, homeownership, and local commitments.

Dedicated runs

Working within a local territory allows short-haul drivers to establish connections for consistent, dependable work. Connect A Load is perfectly designed to foster these connections and optimize job opportunities in the area, smoothing out any trade inconsistencies.

In the world of short-haul trucking, the road less traveled often leads to a better work-life balance, and it’s a route that many drivers find rewarding.

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