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Solving the Short-Haul waiting game

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The short-haul industry faces a significant issue: waiting. Materials companies wait for product deliveries, while infrastructure and homebuilding contractors wait for materials to reach the job site. Simultaneously, individual drivers and independent fleets await job opportunities. This waiting scenario leads to inefficiencies, with materials and labor sitting idle, and drivers often traveling with empty trucks. Furthermore, there’s a disconnection when contractors have leftover materials after completing a project. These surplus materials, accumulated during ground leveling or soil removal, become unnecessary at the job site. However, there is often no communication between contractors and drivers/fleets to utilize these materials elsewhere.


Connect A load’s exclusive ‘haul-off’ design acts as a bridge to connect all parties, enhancing the efficiency of the process. This not only reduces wait times, benefiting drivers, but also cuts costs for contractors. It leverages individual drivers and independent fleets, allowing materials companies to meet demand without extensive hiring.


In an environment with multiple disconnections, Connect A Load ensures that drivers and fleet trucks no longer make one-way trips (headhauls) but enjoy return trips with loads (backhauls), eliminating the issue of ‘deadhead’ trips with empty trucks. This results in a more efficient and cost-effective operation.

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