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Johnny Flores

Way In Building & Civil Construction

Johnny has over 30 years’ experience in the trucking industry as a driver, dispatcher, safety compliance officer, and an executive. His expertise is to fully optimize trucking to maximize profit potential for everyone. His love for trucking started at an early age, as his father, Johnny Flores Sr., was a trucker for 48 years. Johnny’s favorite experience as a child would be to ride with his father in his 18-wheeler, and he always dreamed of becoming a trucker. He acquired and ran his first truck with his father when he was in his 20’s, hauling liquid feed in a streamlined way by splitting it into quarters. He was recruited to manage his competitor’s terminal, as the owner was so impressed with his effective management style. From the start of his career, he always thought of how to optimize trucking processes to increase revenue and fleet growth, with a focus on benefiting both the driver and the company. Additionally, he is an active member of the Aggregate Transportation Association of Texas (ATAT), Association of General Contractors (AGC), and Texas Transportation Association (TXTA).