Empowering Your Freight Connection
Operational Efficiency

Connecting the supply chain, reducing time and costs.

Continuous Improvement

Attending to U.S Regulations and connecting with experienced drivers.

Market Expertise

Meeting the needs of an evolving industry, adapting to its demand.


Providing an intuitive platform and digitizing the experience.

Connect A Load

Empowers your Short-Haul Connections

The CAL Team possesses a distinctive blend of expertise within the trucking
industry. We specialize in developing unique digital solutions tailored specifically for the short-haul trucking market, which is currently beset by skyrocketing insurance  premiums, high maintenance costs, and operational expenses. By addressing logistical challenges and inefficiencies, we offer a digitized solution that not only optimizes operations, but also reduces the carbon footprint. Our objective is to foster a strong ethical relationship that benefits all stakeholders within the short-haul cycle, while continuously supporting evolving needs of the industry.

Who we are
Road Service Connect

Connect A Load’s founding was driven by a deep appreciation for the small trucking businesses.

  • Being born into the industry
  • The thrill of fixing vehicles
  • The adventures of long trips to faraway places
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Conectar’s one-of-a-kind solution optimizes routes through innovative tech

  • Available jobs are displayed on the app
  • Truckers can instantly respond to demand
  • Keep trucks full and profitable
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Fuel Connect

Solving the industry-wide problem of waiting time for suppliers, contractors and truckers

  • Avoids over-hiring to meet demand
  • Prevent paying labor for down-time
  • Reduce waiting time for  jobs
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Supply Chain Connection


Years of Combined Experience


Certified Truckers


Meeting the needs of an evolving industry

The Trucking Industry – Defined by the masses

The American trucking industry currently generates ~$700 billion a year in revenue and is responsible for approximately 5.8% of all jobs in the United States. To put that into perspective, the American trucking industry on its own would be the...

September 22, 2023
The unique perks of Short-Haul Trucking: balancing work and life

Short-haul drivers share many motivations with their over-the-road (OTR) counterparts: the open road, rising costs, and safety concerns. However, the world of short-haul trucking offers some distinct advantages. Familiar territory Short-haul drivers tend to call urban areas home rather than...

October 17, 2023
Short-Haul Trucking: A New Frontier for the Next Generation

The world of short-haul trucking is undergoing a transformation, driven by a shortage of experienced drivers due to retirements and industry expansion. This shortage is creating a golden opportunity for those who view short-haul trucking as an attractive career option....

October 12, 2023
Connect A Load

Empowers your Short-Haul Connections