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Taking the short-haul industry to the next level

Road Service Connect

Connect A Load's founding was driven by a deep appreciation for the small trucking businesses that the management team knows and holds dear. The smell of diesel, the thrill of fixing vehicles, and the adventures of long trips to faraway places – these are the very things that tug at...

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In simple terms, Connect A Load revolutionizes the trucking industry by providing an intuitive and innovative platform. We place independent truckers and small fleets at the core of our system, empowering them with a full view of short-haul job opportunities. This allows them to optimize routes for increased efficiency and...

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Fuel Connect

The industry-wide problem in short-haul is waiting. Materials companies waiting for product to be delivered/picked up, infrastructure and homebuilding contractors waiting for materials to arrive on-site and individual drivers and independent fleets waiting on jobs/hauls. This causes materials companies to sit on product and personnel. Infrastructure contractors are sitting on...

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Connect A Load

Empowers your Short-Haul Connections