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Texas immigration boom fuels demand for Short-Haul Trucking

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From 2005 to 2013, Texas led the country in immigration, with an average of 35% of its population growth coming from large out-of-state in-flows. This “Gone to Texas” trend and the resulting increase in housing demand was only accelerated by the pandemic. Of course, to build homes, you need aggregate materials like sand, gravel, and crushed stone. And that’s where demand for short-haul aggregate materials truckers has skyrocketed.

Short haul trucking is a particular piece of the trucking pie that is defined as freight shipments done within a 150-mile radius. Aggregate materials delivery, as a subsection of the short-haul trucking segment, involves moving aggregate materials like sand and gravel from suppliers to local construction sites, which can range anywhere from large home tracts to highway maintenance projects.


Altogether, Connect A Load finds itself in a promising market under the trucking umbrella, ready for disruption and driven by rapid growth. The company is prepared to offer the right solutions at the right time, with a focus on meeting the pricing demands of modern construction while supporting America’s trucking community, a group that holds a special place in our team’s priorities.



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